Into Zhaoji
Company culture

Into Zhaoji

Company culture

Description:Enterprise Tenet: human-focused, establish business thru honesty
Description:Enterprise Tenet: human-focused, establish business thru honesty

Core Culture

Enterprise Tenet: human-focused, establish business thru honesty 
Corporate Image: Steady, Peaceful, Honest and Reliable 
Corporate Mission: provide customers with high-quality products thru continuous innovation
Corporate Vision: To make Zhaoji the most competitive optoelectronic brand in the world and lead the development of optoelectronics industry. 
Quality Policy: Full participation, Scientific management, Quality assurance, Customer satisfaction; Continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence. 
Purpose of after-sales service: customer satisfaction is the value of our existence.
Corporate brand: Always be the best.
Corporate values: Spirit, Innovation, Dedication, Quantification. 
Efficiency concept: Time is money 
Enterprise market view: take the market as the guide, be prepared for risks in times of peace, and be good at competition.
Enterprise talent concept:Hire those with virtue and talent; Train those with virtue and less talent; restrict those without virtue but talented; reject those without virtue and talent 
Enterprise Competition Concept: Harmony and Difference, Co-existence and Co-prosperity 
WIN Strategy: Globalization, Intelligence, Excellence, Steady Governance, and Win-win concept

Employment concept: performance oriented, driven by development, performance incentives, good matching of people and positions, and making the best use of talents 
Corporate work philosophy: work harder than the hardest ones,  more attentive than the most attentive ones Serious work attitude, noble profession ethics 
Enterprise quality concept: standard determines level, human character determines product   

Management mechanism: rigid centralization, orderly decentralization, full authorization, and information control.
Efficiency mechanism: "fast fish eat slow fish", "the rich and the poor", using tools to improve efficiency 
Work style: keep promises, action after slogan and result after action.
The general principle of everything: everything is done according to the law of economic value ,everything is done according to the principle of rational obedience, A corporate style centered on improving efficiency.
Marketing Culture Competition concept: the market cannot be lost, the conditions can be negotiated; treat people with sincerity, win with trust, we can give up profits but never give up market; build the market first, then build the factory 
Four awareness: market , economy, user and service.